Imported marble is premium quality marble. We have a wide range of quality that is considered to be the perfect choice for the flooring of your house and office. These are always adding more shine and elegance to your floor.

We are trusted imported marble dealers in Kishangarh which provides Italian Marble, Marble Slabs with assured quality and affordable price. We produce multiple designs, colors, and sizes of imported marble.

The price of marbles varies according to their quality and intensity, but we promise to deliver the best products that are obtained from some of the finest resources in the world.

These marbles come in various forms, but Italian marble is very high demand imported marble. We can identify this by its shining, thickness, and beautiful appearance.

In imported marbles, Italian marbles are graciously polished marble has classic textures. Just like other marbles, they are also used for flooring and are available in slab form. Imported Italian marble is a highly durable, beautiful appearance with shiny finishes.

Italian Marble gives a vibrant appearance to the house floor, walls, Kitchen, rooms, and bathroom with its beautiful color, attractive luster’s, and shades, and because of its elegant appearance, it is commonly used for decorations in hotels, offices of various MNCs, restaurants, resorts, shopping malls, schools, houses, and other luxury places. Italian Marbles are highly durable and have a long-lasting appearance. These marble stones can be customized in the form of slabs and tiles. These marbles have a smooth surface like onyx marbles and can be used in manufacturing countertops, walls, and floors. They have a high demand around the world and offer is widely appreciated for providing visually appealing as well.

Imported Marbles Gallery

Botanic Green Chapa


Armani Beige

Armani Grey

Armani Brown

Botticino Classico

Bianco Lasa

Mocha Cream


Burberry Beige

Burberry Grey

Classic Beige

Black Marquina


Grey Spider

Breccia Aurora

Green Onyx

Breccia Oniciata

Brescia Aurora

Grey Carnico




Dragon Silk

Makia Vakia

Marinace Green

Grey Sonata

Grey William

Blue Bahia

Grigio Carnico

Giallo Siena

Botticino Fiorito

Irish Brown


Marquina Black

Light Emperador

Macabus White

Roma Imperial



Myra Beige

Turtle Back

Nero Portoro

Ocean Grey


Perlato Sicilia


Red Chigan

Roma Imperial

Giallo Marinace

Rosso Alicante

Rosso Pistalo


Silver Porto

St. Laurent

Marinace Nero


Perlato Royal Classico

Emperador Dark


Sonata Grey

Tobacco Brown