Shreenath Marble Company has always believed in providing quality without compromise since 1973.With humble beginning in 1973 form MAKRANA – RAJASTHAN (The marble for TAJ MAHAL which is amongst one of the wonders of the world was entirely sourced from Makrana) and we take great pride that our beginning was from such a place which in itself is a institution of learning for Marble.

We at Shreenath Marble Company have taken “to be more professional and international” as our goal.

We are guided by the market and economic theory that calls for “Limitless creativity and boundless pursuit of excellence.” It is a constant effort to expand horizons and find new opportunities.

Our strengths are based on perfect service, innovative theory, mature management, close attention to customer requirements, and continuous effort to develop our whole business line.

Pulled from some of the finest quarries around the world and selected with an eye for uniqueness of character and a tolerance for only the highest quality, our stones cover a continuum of colour, texture and aesthetic appeal.

Every time, Our experts travel across land and sea to bring home rare and exotic luxury marble, granite and onyx. Personally venturing over snow-capped peaks, through dense rain forests and endless riverbeds in a journey of immense adventure and passion for Natural Stones. Enduring sleepless nights and long hours to find, touch and fall endlessly in love. Do stop by at SHREENATH MARBLE COMPANY. You are sure to be spellbound to see a collection that is rare, soulful, breathtaking and obsessive.

Satisfying customer demand is at the heart of Shreenath’s development. Our basic quality policy calls for continuous innovation, customer satisfaction, rapid improvement and total staff commitment.

We strongly believe and advocate Vitrified,Porcelain, laminates and engineered quartz are just products, a mass-produced material.

Natural stone, however, is a fragment of the stream of life, the heartbeat of the ages, the skin of our planet. Perfect in its peculiarities, it is asymmetrical, rough, irregular, incomplete and imbalanced.

It is purity in its most perfect form: design, colors and patterns handed to us by history. Us, mere servants fortunate enough to be allowed to care for it during our lifetimes.

Natural stones retain a timeless beauty. Which is unmatched and no two stones are alike that’s the very beauty of natural stones.